Internet Explorer Pushed into Deeper Obscurity in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

Internet Explorer Pushed into Deeper Obscurity in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

Microsoft has recently outlined some changes for the web browsers, Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge, that will show up in Windows 10’s next major release. IE11 is still being kept around for compatibility reasons, but Microsoft seems to be feeling pretty confident with what Microsoft Edge will deliver in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition that will start rolling out at the end of July.

Using Group Policy and the Enterprise Mode Site List, company IT will be able to configure which sites open with Internet Explorer 11 and which sites open with Microsoft Edge.

The full blog post suggests that Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 are “better together” despite the company’s original intent to replace IE11 completely with the new browser. It’s possible that Microsoft’s plans are just taking longer than originally expected.

From the post:

We’ve also heard feedback from customers that they would like to limit usage of IE11 to only the LOB apps which require it, opening all other sites in Microsoft Edge.

Is this two customers? Three? This is a curious statement as recent stats show that the majority of customers using Windows 10 are using something other than Edge and its definitely not IE11. Edge’s lackluster support and continuous series of bugs have forced customers to flock to Chrome and Firefox. Just a month ago Chrome finally took the browser crown away from any Microsoft developed browser and in the last few days Firefox took second place. Microsoft spent less than a month in the second spot.

Edge has turned into a joke of sorts and it’s going to be difficult for Microsoft gain back ground – much like the company’s failing smartphone strategy.

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