The Insider Hub App for Windows 10 TP

The Insider Hub App for Windows 10 TP

The most current build (9879) of Windows 10 (you know, the one everyone is still trying to get to work correctly), comes installed with a new Insider Hub app. Unless you go hunting through the installed apps (new apps are actually harder to find now, IMO), you'll miss it. But, this app is actually pretty important considering Microsoft is planning to deliver news and updates about Windows 10 to testers through the app. And, in some cases, important information about Windows 10 will be delivered ONLY through the app.

The app doesn't install anyplace prominent, so you'll want to pin it to the Start Menu or the Start Bar to gain easy access.

Just perform a Search for "hub"

Right-click the Insider Hub app and choose the location you want the app's icon to show up…

Here's what it looks like…

BTW: You must run the app at least once so that it registers itself with the new notification system in the Windows 10 Technical Preview. After that, you'll be notified when new announcements are available in the app.

I guess, with the mounting criticism of poorly constructed builds and a lack of new features based on actual feedback as promised, Microsoft needs to find some way of getting Insiders to keep on using the OS. A lot of people are starting to change their minds about continuing in the Insider program.

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