How-To Use Windows Reliability Monitor


Thanks to a tip from Jason Coombes on Twitter, I was reminded today at the great wealth of information that is available in the Windows Reliability Monitor utility that is included in Windows 10.

This tool will retrieve logs that are automatically generated on your Windows system about app failures, Windows failures, warnings and general information applying to app/system updates and display them in a customizable chart so that look by date and time for errors. This can help you track down the cause of system crashes or other errors you are seeing on your computer.

Compare it to an EKG of your heart and how it can tell a story of your heart's history including if you experienced any heart related incidents in the past.

One nice side benefit of this tool is the ability to also keep track of what apps have been updated from the Windows Store on your device. Currently Microsoft does not offer any means to track when apps are updated in Windows 10 when you have apps set to automatically update so this can be very useful for that purpose.

Check out the image gallery for a walkthrough of the utility on how you can customize the view and find out various types of information.


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