How To: Move your Music and Playlists from Groove Music to Spotify

Earlier this week Microsoft set social media on fire but for all the wrong reasons.

When the Redmond company announced that they would be shutting down the Groove Music Pass service at the end of 2017 it was from far left field and caught Microsoft watchers and enthusiasts by surprise.

That in turn is what lit social media up for hours on that same day.

Whether you believe this is another retreat for Microsoft in the consumer market or a smart move to drop a money losing service and partner up with a popular music streaming service - it is happening and so you still need to get ready if you have been using the Groove Music Pass.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about this services shut down and option for moving playlists and music over to Spotify answers your concerns about refunds, purchased music, etc. but the nuts and bolts of moving that data over to Spotify requires an updated version of the Groove Music App.

Well Microsoft released that new version to Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring today and I have the steps to making this move with your own data right here.

The gallery will walk you through the process and I must admit it was painless, easy, and very fast. Plus - all of my playlists and purchased music also made the transition.

Note: Spotify Premium allows you to download music for local/offline playback and that is how it handled my purchased Groove Music in this transition.

If you have any questions about this process just ask in the comments below.


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