How To: Manage Favorites in Windows 10 Microsoft Edge

How To: Manage Favorites in Windows 10 Microsoft Edge

We had a comment come through recently from someone wanting to know how to do some things in Microsoft Edge they could normally do in other browsers. This was after following our directions for Importing Favorites and Importing Favorites when the Import tool failed. We're always ready to comply with requests. If you have some requests of your own, never hesitate to ask. We thoroughly welcome it.

This particular commenter wanted to know how to edit, rename, and delete favorites in Microsoft Edge. It's actually a pretty quick and easy task.

As shown in the image, you can either long-tap (in tablet mode) or right-click with a mouse (in desktop mode) and be presented with a straightforward menu. From the menu you can…

  1. Open a favorite in a new tab

  2. Create a new folder in which to organize favorites

  3. Rename a favorite

  4. Remove (or delete) a favorite

Keep the requests for content coming…

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