How to fix 40% freeze during install of Windows 10 Build 10586

How to fix 40% freeze during install of Windows 10 Build 10586

Yesterday Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 10586 to PC users in the Windows Insider Fast Ring as they close in on the final release of their first update to the new OS since it was released in late July of this year.

The new build does not have a desktop watermark that labels it as an Insider Preview build and there is no branding in other areas of the test version to tie it to the Insider Fast Ring.

These small details point towards this build likely being the release version of the Threshold 2 (TH2) update that is expected sometime this month. Speculation earlier this month indicated it could be pushed out to all Windows 10 users as a routine update on 10 November.

In the interim, as Windows Insiders have begun installing this build, several users are reporting that their system is freezing up 40% into the upgrade process with build 10586.

Thanks to a tip from @prjman we now know that Gabe Aul has a workaround for this issue that he shared on Twitter:

Others in this Twitter thread have confirmed removing the SD card did allow their system to complete the installation of build 10586.

While many will be pleased with this work around, Microsoft needs to make sure this bug is addressed in the final build that is pushed out to the over 100 million users of Windows 10.

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