How To: Create an Album in the Windows 10 Photos App

Late last week Microsoft decided to experiment with the naming of the Photos app in Windows 10 Fast Ring builds for the Fall Creators Update.

The first change took the name from Photos to Story Remix and then about a day later it was updated to Photos & Videos and then an update over the last day or so it is now shifted back to Photos.

Photos>Story Remix>Photos & Video>Photos

According to folks from the Windows Insider team this was a test and they were collecting data along the way through social media and the Feedback Hub to evaluate the reaction to the name changes.

Whether you agreed with the suggested/tested names or not, one thing that will most certainly be changed it seems is the lack of the full Story Remix feature set when the app is released alongside of the Fall Creators Update.

You might recall back at Build 2017 features such as adding 3D effects/graphics, anchoring them in the video so they are always with the video element that you paired them with, and the ability to incorporate other media taking by friends at the same event were shown as the key features for Story Remix. This demo video from Microsoft sets the bar pretty high for what Story Remix is projected to be capable of once it is available.

We learned in the last 10 days or so that those features would not be making the final version of the Story Remix feature in time for the Fall Creators Update. All that will remain is some of the Story Remix capabilities around creating albums and videos within the currently named Photos app. In earlier builds of the Photo app this feature was labeled Story Remix however, it now appears they are simply calling this Create an album in the app updates we have seen over the last few days.

As you will see in this how to, you can still do a lot with the Photos app to prepare and share media you create and tools are build in to add transitions, filters, music, and on screen text.

I would hope that the more advanced features will come along shortly after the Fall Creators Update is released in the September/October timeframe.

In the meantime, check out this gallery for the steps in using the Create an album feature in the aptly named Photos app in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.


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