Hands On: Windows 10 Redstone 3 Build 16273

Yesterday Microsoft pushed out Windows 10 Build 16273 to its cadre of Fast Ring testers which was the first new build in three weeks.

As I wrote yesterday, that resulted in a lot of fixes for various bugs throughout the operating system which is entering a critical phase of its development as Microsoft begins focusing on stabilizing the update for its likely release expected release in the September/October timeframe.

That also means no new features will be added over these final weeks either although we could find some tweaks to wording, labels and other various system items. Microsoft expects to push out builds at a much more rapid pace for both fast and slow ring testers during this phase.

One of the key spots for some of these changes to show up are in the extensive Windows Settings app. So I poked around in that yesterday after Build 16273 was installed and did find a few new things that look to be coming our way in the Fall Creators Update.

What have you noticed in these last couple of builds that is new in the operating system?


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