Former Skype team members returning to Windows with Wire for Windows

Former Skype team members returning to Windows with Wire for Windows

There are certainly plenty of methods to communicate using the array of devices in our possession but is always a nice change of pace to see those services arrive natively for Windows based devices.

Skype is a very popular option in this area but we are still waiting for a cohesive version of the app on the Universal Windows Platform app for Windows 10.

Well some former members of the Skype team, a communications platform acquired by Microsoft back in 2011, are now part of bringing a new option to Windows. Wire for Windows is an alternative communication experience that is very rich and focused on the content that is shared in your conversations.

Wire, a company founded back in 2012 by Jonathan Christensen, Alan Duric and Priidu Zilmer, is launching their communications service on Windows devices in the form of a program that will run on Windows 7, 8/8.1 and 10. There is no word on whether the company is working on a Universal Windows Platform version for the service or not.

Wire was launched in December of 2014 and is already available on iOS, Android, OS X and the web. While Windows users could access Wire through the web portal, having a first party program experience is preferred by many, but the addition of the Wire for Windows program now makes the service accessible on every major platform.

Some of the key features with the new Wire for Windows program includes:

  • End-to-end encrypted HD calls – in stereo with groups
  • Beautiful conversations with high resolution photos and GIFs
  • YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud and Vimeo content right inside the chats
  • Group chats with up to 128 people

Visually, the program looks great:

Wire for Windows

Wire for Windows

Here at SuperSite for Windows we have a weekly editorial meeting on Fridays which is usually held on Skype. This week we have decided to use Wire across multiple platforms to hold that meeting and I will write up that experience for everyone early next week.

Should be interesting to see how it works.

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