Features Planned for Windows Update for Business

Features Planned for Windows Update for Business

Based on my meetings at Microsoft a couple weeks back and some back-and-forth discussions over email, I put together a better, more comprehensive view of What Windows Update for Business is, and what it is not to help dispel some misconceptions.

After publishing that article, one of the primary questions raised was: "OK, so we know what's available now and what it is, but what's coming?"

I spoke with Microsoft representatives today and received the following…

Capabilities include:

  • Time to test and validate feature updates(available now)

  • Peer to peer delivery to optimize bandwidth (available now)

  • Access to Current Branch and Current Branch for Business (through WUfB  or the customer’s current management solution)

  • Ability to create internal deployment groups or rings (coming later)

  • Maintenance windows to align with business rhythm (coming later)

  • Integration with your existing tools like System Center (coming later)

The last three features, which are listed as coming later, should hit Windows Insider builds soon, along with the other Enterprise-class features promised to Insiders today. If all goes well, each of the three could make it into the larger Windows 10 update coming later this year (rumored for November). Keep in mind, too, that while this represents the current feature plans, Windows Update for Business will evolve over time just like Windows 10. This set of features should expand as required.

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