Enhanced Windows Upgrade Messages Give Nod to Windows 10

Enhanced Windows Upgrade Messages Give Nod to Windows 10

With Microsoft on the hot seat for what many perceive to be underhanded and sneaky upgrade tricks, the company is taking a kinder, gentler approach for those that are still languishing on an older, unsupported version of Windows.

Updated on June 30th, now when a Windows 8 or Windows 7 user is reminded that their OS version is unsupported, they’ll get a new message that offers guidance about Windows 10. These support reminders aren’t for those currently running a supported version of Windows, but for those that have somehow still missed the message that the original release version of Windows 8 and anything below Windows 7 with service pack 1 puts the PC at risk.

Here’s what the new message looks like…

The message is innocuous, but for those receiving the Windows 10 upgrade message prior to Microsoft making changes after losing a forced upgrade lawsuit, can you even trust clicking a “Learn about…” button? Maybe clicking this new one will wash your car, flush your toilets, and upgrade all the PCs in a 25-mile geographic area.

Microsoft stuffed the notice about the upgrade message changes in KB article 3163589, entitled, "Your. PC is running an outdated version of Windows" notification.

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