Edge changes in Windows 10 November 2015 Update

Q. What are some of the changes in Edge for Windows 10 build 10586?

A. Build 10586 (November 2015) brings some nice functionality and usability changes to Edge. Below are some of the key ones I've found.

  • New downloading capabilities with Save As options in addition to a link to Open Folder after a download
  • Easy uploading of content to OneDrive by dragging files
  • Cortana integration with PDF viewing in addition to regular web page viewing
  • New PDF toolbar providing Zoom, Print, Save and other page controls
  • Roam favorites and reading list between Windows 10 devices via new Settings option
  • New Favorites import option on first access and available from Favorite Settings on the Favorites tab of the hub
  • Tab preview to see what is open in the various Edge tabs by hovering over the Edge tab
  • Open up new Edge instances via mouse middle click or Shift plus left click
  • Virtual Desktop support enabling Edge instances in multiple Virtual Desktops which previously was not possible
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