Disabling Windows 10's Wi-Fi Sense for Business Devices

Disabling Windows 10's Wi-Fi Sense for Business Devices

Wi-Fi Sense is a peer sharing function of Windows 10 that allows devices to store and share credentials for wireless networks. Essentially, Wi-Fi Sense shares stored credential information and allows friends and family to logon to encrypted Wi-Fi networks without having to know a password or specific network information. For consumers, this can be valuable. However, for businesses, this could be a potential security issue.

Wi-Fi Sense is completely customizable in the Network & Internet settings component of Windows 10 (learn how to configure it HERE), but businesses will want a better way to manage these settings centrally, instead of relying on end-users to make necessary changes in order to adhere with corporate policies.

Wi-Fi Sense can be turned off completely by creating a Group Policy setting to set the following registry key value:

Registry key path:  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WcmSvc\wifinetworkmanager\config\

New DWORD Value: AutoConnectAllowedOEM

Value Data: 0

Setting this to '0' (zero) disables Wi-Fi Sense capabilities. If you need to turn it back on in the future, just set the Value Data to '1' (one).

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