Dell Dumps Android, Goes All-in for Windows 10

Dell Dumps Android, Goes All-in for Windows 10

According to Dell, the Android tablet market is too saturated to compete. So, the company has decided to place its efforts solely on Windows 10 for the foreseeable future.

According to Kirk Schell, VP of commercial client solutions at Dell…

The slate tablet market is oversaturated and is experiencing declining demand from end users. Additionally, 2-in-1s with larger screens in the 10 to 13-inch range are offering a laptop-first experience with the convenience of a tablet when needed. This is where our customers are asking us to invest and innovate.

This is a big win for Microsoft more so than Dell at the moment, as the Windows maker has a deadline and a goal to reach for Windows 10 proliferation. Part of that proliferation strategy was creating a new 2-in-1 category of hardware with its Surface tablets. Many manufacturers, who were complaining just a couple years ago that the PC market was drying up, are now jumping on the bandwagon for 2-in-1’s, hoping Microsoft’s leading is enough to salvage hardware revenue.

Other Microsoft partners continue to produce Android tablets and laptops, but that could change as long as Microsoft’s Windows 10 successes continue pushing the industry forward. And, if it does, this Dell decision could be the first step in a long domino effect that would make this announcement one of the biggest wins for Microsoft in a long time.

Dell’s decision immediately affects its Venue line of tablets, which will be retired. The hardware company will still honor warranties on the devices, but the OS will no longer be updated.

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