DataSense in Windows 10 Build 9860

DataSense in Windows 10 Build 9860

The very first build update for the Technical Preview of Windows 10 delivered yesterday afternoon. Over 4GB in size, the update provided some new features including an Action Center (notification review), battery saver, preview build cadence customization, and DataSense, among other things. Microsoft boasts that build 9860 comes with around 7,000 changes to the first technical preview.

I'll cover all the new features to look for when testing this new build, but want to highlight the DataSense feature in this article.

DataSense is not a new technology. If you're a Windows Phone user you know exactly what this is. Data Sense is used to show a detailed breakdown of data usage, whether over Wi-Fi or through a carrier's network, and to customize how Windows Phone reacts to a change in network, providing data utilization management.

Windows Phone has more options available, but that should change as Windows 10 receives more updates. Microsoft is working toward a single, universal OS that can run across a multitude of Windows-enabled devices, so it makes sense that we would see this app show up in the company's tablet/laptop/desktop OS and gives evidence that work is steady to ensure a streamlined and singular experience.

To locate it in Windows 10 Build 9860, open up the Charms (swipe from the right) and goto: SettingsChange PC SettingsDataSense

Once you access the PC Settings DataSense app, you'll be presented with three different areas.

  • Overview – Shows Total Usage for Wi-Fi and Cellular.
  • Usage – Shows the same Total Usage overview, but adds statistics showing data usage for System Services.
  • Settings – The Settings area gives you some customization, though this piece is not available yet for customization (i.e., the settings are greyed-out). When Microsoft enables this in future builds, you will be able to:
    • Restrict background data
    • Restrict background data when roaming
    • Show total data usage for device

The DataSense technology in Windows 10 Build 9860 is not fully baked, but you can expect it to mature as new builds are released.


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