Current Branch for Business Windows 10 support

Current Branch for Business Windows 10 support

Q. How many Windows 10 Current Branch for Business branches will Microsoft support?

A. The current understanding is there will be a new branch approximately every 4 months and that branch will become the Current Branch for Business approximately 4 months later. This means every 4 months there will be a new Current Branch for Business. Microsoft will support the two most recent CBB builds which means technically an organization could skip a CBB if they had to but would mean they would very quickly need to migrate to the new CBB once its released. What does support mean? Microsoft will release security updates for the supported CBBs. If you stay on a CBB that is no longer supported you will not receive updates for it. It is therefore important to have the proper processes and toolsets in place when deploying Windows 10 in your organization to ensure you can keep it up-to-date in an optimal fashion. The good news is once you have the proper toolset in place it is actually a lot less work than the huge projects that used to be undertaken to deploy new client OS versions.

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