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Crowdsourcing: Microsoft Opens Site for Submitting Malicious & Phishing Sites for Review

Microsoft has a massive network of machines that are focused on using machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect threats on the Internet.

It is this data that is used to help identify threats through products like Windows Defender, Advanced Threat Protection, SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge and Windows Store apps, and exploit protections.

While machine learning and artificial intelligence are good at finding patterns and certain behaviors in data sometimes the power of the crowd can be useful in finding edge security threats and cases.

Well as of today individuals can now submit suspicious websites directly to the Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC) thanks to a new preview program.

It was formally announced earlier today through the MMPC Twitter account:

The site is very straightforward and just requires the sites URL and whether you believe it is a phishing or malicious site.


You can access the site at


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