Continuum, Come Quickly

Continuum, Come Quickly

Using the Windows 10 Technical Preview over the past few days I've found myself wanting more. And when I say wanting, I mean it left me wanting. It's just not enough. Once the newness of the new Start Menu wore off (which was very quickly for me, I might add), I was left with nothing to do. Sure, there are other neat, new features, but those really feel like add-ons than major updates. Understandably, things will get better considering this is the 1st peek at Windows 10 and a Technical Preview (beta).

You see, I'm an avid Windows 8 user and a successful one at that. I know, I know…when you hear someone say that, you probably get a vision of someone standing up at a support group meeting in attempt to liberate their soul and start the healing process. But, truth told, there are actually many like me.

I know how the Windows operating system can work. I use the Desktop during the day (during my primary work hours) and the Metro-side in the evening as I finish up work and prepare for the next day's planned accomplishments. In this way, Windows 8 works great for me. But, I admit, I'm a different breed. I have an aptitude for just making things work and finding the value. Still, I boggles my mind that it seems there are so many that can't figure it out.

Who really knows what Microsoft plans to rollout first in upcoming Windows 10 preview builds, but Continuum needs to come quickly. It needs to be the biggest focus and it will be the defining piece that gets me interested in Windows 10 again because, frankly, I'm bored.

Continuum, as shown during the Windows 10 press event in San Francisco on September 30th, is a piece of technology that automatically recognizes your mode of operation. With a keyboard and mouse attached, Windows 10 enters into Desktop mode. When a keyboard is detached, or Windows 10 senses that you are require touch capability, it switches and provides the stylized Metro interface. At least, that's the theory.

While the Windows 10 Technical Preview does offer some changes that companies will definitely be interested in, without Continuum it seems as if we're being made to take a couple steps backward in time and ingenuity. It's understandable that Microsoft would put big focus on the Desktop in the 1st Windows 10 Technical Preview, considering many companies scoffed at the idea of Windows 8. Windows 10 Technical Preview is a sort of apology. But, please, someone forgive them and allow the company to get back to invention, advancement, and innovation. With the Desktop focus, Microsoft is almost issuing a snide statement: "This is what you asked for. How do you like it now?"

Continuum will be that piece of technology that ties business and consumer together, allowing the two facets of computing to blend. If you've been following my Surface Pro 3 Diary series, you know I've been concentrating my resources on high mobility and personal technology innovation, change, and introspect. The pure Desktop focus for the 1st Windows 10 Technical Preview actually makes the Surface Pro 3 more difficult to use, and if Windows 10 released today without any further features and improvements, it would make the Surface Pro 3 almost unusable and I'd stick with Windows 8. I have the Windows 10 Technical Preview loaded up on my original Surface Pro (version 1) and after my experience in using it there, it will not touch my Surface Pro 3.

I know Continuum is coming. Just come quickly.

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