Containers on Windows 10

Containers on Windows 10

Q. Can I use containers on Windows 10 and what type of containers can I use?

A. Windows 10 Anniversary edition and above supports Containers to enable developers to build and test their applications in the container format which will be used in production. Containers actually integrates with Visual Studio providing a simple build and test experience. The only type of containers supported on Windows 10 are Hyper-V Containers (which use an automatic, managed VM to host the container instance running on a Nano Server image) and not Windows Containers. This does not mean you have to use Hyper-V Containers in production since in production your container hosts will be Windows Server 2016 and you would have the choice to use Windows Containers or Hyper-V Containers depending on the required level of isolation (Windows Containers provides User Mode isolation while Hyper-V Containers provides kernel mode isolation).

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