Business Features for the Initial Rollout of Windows 10

Business Features for the Initial Rollout of Windows 10

Earlier today, Terry Myerson announced that the business and education editions of Windows 10 will release on Saturday, August 1st through Microsoft's Volume Licensing site, just 3 days after it will become available to consumers. In conversations just this past week, I heard from business IT users who were concerned that Microsoft's major focus has been on consumers and not on features designed for business. As part of today's announcement, Microsoft has also finally delivered some insight into the differences between Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions which should help many of those business concerns.

While Enterprise and Education editions will include every feature included in Home and Pro editions, there are a multitude of additional ones.

A set of comparison charts are now available on the web and also as a downloadable PDF. The charts are separated by edition, but also by Core features and Business and Education features. Obviously, these features will expand as Windows 10 new feature updates rollout over the life of Windows 10, but for now, this will give you a good idea of what to expect. The business features aren't surprising, but they are worth to make the case for deciding a quick or slow deployment of Windows 10 for your company. The differences break down into four categories: fundamentals, management and deployment, security, and Windows-as-a-Service.


Management and Deployment


Windows as a Service

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