Bitlocker Activation Problems with Windows 10 November Update

Bitlocker Activation Problems with Windows 10 November Update

Along with a bevy of bug fixes, one of the primary reasons for the Windows 10 November update was to finally deliver more business-worthy features for Windows 10. For example, the long-awaited Windows Update for Business features are front and center in the latest update. New GPO settings (read about them HERE) allow businesses to better manage the fast-and-furious updates delivered to Windows 10. New Admin Templates are also available to manage these GPO settings from a central location.

However, a new bug in Bitlocker with Windows 10 1511 may delay businesses from deploying Windows 10 further without a fix.

According to a thread in the Microsoft forums, if you do a clean installation of Windows 10 using the November update, Bitlocker cannot be enabled. Bitlocker will work if it was enabled in the RTM version and upgrade to the November update – but just not using a clean installation.

This might help explain why Microsoft removed the November update standalone download silently over the weekend. Microsoft stated that removing the download was part of a policy shift, however in another Microsoft community forum thread, users there seem to think it’s due to an installation bug.

Eventually, we’ll hear the truth, but that’s usually after a meandering set of responses, clarifications, and rebuttals. For now, if you intend to upgrade your business PCs to Windows 10 and want to use Bitlocker, either wait for a fix, or stay away from clean installs.

I can attest that a clean installation creates a much, much better computing environment than an upgrade and you experience less errors and minimal strangeness. This has always been the case with Windows, but seems to be even more of a problem with Windows 10 where two exact hardware configurations will work differently. So, it’s probably best to wait.

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