How to Activate God Mode on Windows 10

How to Activate God Mode on Windows 10

A hidden feature that has been available in the last three versions of Windows is still present in the recently released Windows 10.

God Mode is the term used to describe this easily activated folder that contains links to all of the settings on a Windows system.

The updated Settings app in Windows 10 continues to grow and take over various settings from the Control Panel and will eventually phase out the entire traditional Control Panel.

However, In the interim we have been able to confirm, thanks to a reminder from Bogdan Popa on Twitter, that God Mode still activates by creating a folder on your system using a special name for it.

Just right click on your Windows 10 desktop top and select New>Folder and give it this name (you can insert any text before the period to give the folder a name):


Now hit Enter/Return and the folder will be created.

Click or tap to open up that new System Folder and you will find settings for over 40 categories ranging from Administrative Tools to Work Folders. Your system may have some slight variations based on your hardware.

Windows 10 God Mode

One last note - your system account must have administrative privileges for this folder to work.

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