Action Center (Notifications) in Windows 10 Build 9860

Action Center (Notifications) in Windows 10 Build 9860

The very first build update for the Technical Preview of Windows 10 delivered yesterday afternoon. Over 4GB in size, the update provided some new features including an Action Center (notification review), battery saver, preview build cadence customization, and DataSense, among other things. Microsoft boasts that build 9860 comes with around 7,000 changes to the first technical preview.

I'll cover all the new features to look for when testing this new build, but want to highlight the Action Center (or, Notifications) feature in this article.

I'm a long time Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 user and am proud of it. If you talk to some about Windows 8 you'll immediately be presented with a look of disgust. Windows 8 (to me) is a fantastic operating system, allowing me to work in different manners depending on my mode of operation. When I'm mobile, touch works great. When I'm stationed at a desk (using my multi-monitor setup), the Windows 8 desktop works a treat. But, there's one glaring annoyance that has confounded me to this day and that is the absence of an app that stores notifications for later review.

As I'm working throughout the day, the Windows 8 toast notifications pop-up on the screen, allowing me to preview what's new and decide if something needs my attention right away. However, if I'm busy doing something else, or have stepped away for a few minutes, there's no mechanism in place to go back and review what I missed. It's painful because I then have to manually sift through the Windows 8 Start Screen to locate each Live Tile that have been updated with the new notifications.

I'm a Windows 8 fan, so the Live Tiles added to the Start Menu in Windows 10 isn't a key feature for me and frankly, I can live without it. So, truly, the only feature that has my interest peaked in the least, is the new Action Center added in the latest build of Windows 10. I'm surprised that Microsoft hasn't just made this an app to install for Windows 8. But, if they did, I'd probably never upgrade to Windows 10.

The Action Center is a product of Windows Phone 8.1. It stores all notifications for later review, based on the apps you decide you want to be notified about.

Windows 10 build 9860 has now incorporated this Windows Phone feature, and just like Windows Phone you can customize which apps notify you and, hence, which apps store their notifications in the new Action Center window.

To locate the Action Center in Windows 10 Build 9860, you simply need to click or tap the Mail icon on the Start taskbar.

To modify the settings and choose the apps you want to store notifications in the Action Center window, open up the Charms (swipe from the right) and goto: SettingsChange PC SettingsSearch and appsNotifications

The Action Center seems to work pretty well in this build of Windows 10. I'm sure more features will be available in future builds and that the feature will be improved, but so far, I like it.


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