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Why people hate buying PCs, part 37


I love Dell, I really do. I recently bought that Optiplex, which has been great. So when my dad called this morning and asked about buying a new PC, I told him I could probably get something at Dell for under $500. I headed over to Dell, went back and forth between the Inspiron and Studio desktops and then started configuring an Inspiron 518.

If you’ve spent any time on, you know how this works. They have this nice configurator wizard that walks you through all of the components you can change on the system you’re browsing, like the microprocessor, the graphics card, the hard drive, and so on. It’s all standard stuff and it works well.

And then I got to this step. Honest to God, Dell.

Select my ... Iron Man Movie??? And it’s between the steps for “Printers” and “Speakers.” I kid you not.

But seriously. Crapware in the configurator?

People have been doomed to hell for eternity for less than this, Dell. Wake up.

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