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White iPhone, RIM Announcements, iPad Stuff, Google, Microsoft Earnings

Good afternoon.

Consumer Reports once again puts a stop to stupidity (here, here, here, here, here, here): The white iPhone 4 is not thicker than the black version. Just like Phil Schiller claimed.

RIM is hosting its Blackberry World Conference today and tomorrow in Orlando, so there are some product announcements coming out of the show. So far we’ve got…

BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 smart phones
New Facebook and video chat apps coming soon to the PlayBook
Plans for a multi-platform BlackBerry Enterprise Solution
BlackBerry Balance
BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5

Time Inc. has reached a deal with Apple, according the WSJ, in which subscribers to its various magazines--Sports Illustrated, Time and Fortune--will be able to access iPad versions for free. A Fortune blogger also says that per-issue iPad prices for non-subscribers have fallen to 28 cents, but provides no evidence of this.

Rob Enderle argues that the iPad and similar tablets may not emulate the PC market as previously thought, but may instead go the “iPod way,” by which he means it will be Apple in charge and a bunch of wanna-be’s. So far, I agree with that assessment: I see nothing on the horizon that can challenge the iPad.

Google has the best reputation of any company. Which proves, simply, that most people are idiots. Right?

Speaking of which: FTC said to be prepping Google probe. Finally.

Eric Lai has an interesting assessment of why Microsoft’s quarterly earnings were so disappointing.

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