Where Do I Find It in SQL Server 2005?

If you're used to SQL Server 2000 and have just upgraded to SQL Server 2005, you might find yourself lost in the maze of new features and interfaces, and many tools have either changed or moved. Here's how to find some of your favorite tools in SQL Server 2005.

6. The SQL Server Service Manager

When you upgrade to SQL Server 2005, you might wonder whether the upgrade actually worked because the SQL Server Service Manager icon is gone. Fortunately, that's normal. You can access the tool's replacement, the SQL Server Configuration Manger, in two ways. From the Start menu, select All Programs, SQL Server 2005, Configuration Tools, SQL Server Configuration Manager. Or you can right-click My Computer, select Manage, and open the Services and Applications Node.

5. Enterprise Manager

Next, you'll see that Enterprise Manager has been replaced by the SQL Server Management Studio, which does all the things Enterprise Manager did and more. Management Studio is faster when you're working with a large number of objects and servers. Plus, most of its dialog boxes are non-modal, which means you can more easily work on multiple tasks simultaneously.

4. Query Analyzer

Query Analyzer, the developer and DBA mainstay, has been replaced by Query Editor. Start this new tool by using the New Query button in Management Studio. Query Editor still lets you write and run T-SQL queries,and you can also integrate it with Visual SourceSafe version control. However, Query Editor lacks Query Analyzer's T-SQL debugging capability. You need to use a Visual Studio 2005 Database project to debug T-SQL scripts.

3. Analysis Services Manager

Microsoft has radically changed the management and development profiles for SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services. Analysis Services Manager is replaced by a combination of Management Studio and the Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS). Management Studio lets you manage Analysis Services and perform backups. BIDS handles creating and deploying cubes.

2. DTS Designer

The DTS Designer is replaced by the new SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Designer. Unlike the DTS Designer, which you start by using Enterprise Manager, the SSIS Designer starts through BIDS. Open BIDS and select File, New, Project, Business Intelligence Projects, Integration Services project.

1. Import Export Wizard

Probably the most vexing change in SQL Server 2005 is the apparent disappearance of the Import Export Wizard. Instead of starting the wizard from the Start menu, you must first open BIDS, open an SSIS project, then right-click the SSIS Packages node in the Solution Explorer—not exactly an intuitive process. Alternatively, you can start the Import Export Wizard by typing dtswizard.exe (yes, it's still dtswizard) at the command prompt.

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