What Would YOU Ask a SharePoint General Manager?

I think I was in an elevator at a conference when someone who looked like Microsoft's then SharePoint general manager, Tom Rizzo, stepped in. Only after we'd ridden five floors down in silence did I think to clear my throat and ask him if he WAS Tom Rizzo, for starters, but before I could, the elevator stopped and he got out and that was the end of it.

Now that Eric Swift has taken on the general manager position of SharePoint product management, I'm thinking with this fall's plethora of conferences such as Connections, I should be prepared in case I share yet another silent elevator ride with yet another SharePoint executive. And of course, if YOU go to Connections, you might want to get your thoughts focused ahead of time too--you never know who you'll be riding an elevator with.

So what would you want to ask him about SharePoint? Would it be a "Why did you guys...." kind of question? Or would it be a "What are you guys...." kind of question? Would it be about licensing? future products rolling in to SharePoint? changes? fixes? I'm keeping a list, checking it twice--email me at cmarwitz at windowsitpro.com.

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