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This week: Microsoft launch event in The Netherlands

I'm traveling to The Netherlands this week to participate in the "Join the New Efficiency" launch event that's happening Thursday in The Hague, The Netherlands. Here's the info about my session from Microsoft The Netherlands:

Windows 7 Secrets and beyond (Engelstalig)

Spreker: Paul Thurrott en Danny Burlage
Level: 100
Tijdstip: 16.00 - 17.00

In deze sessie leidt Paul Thurrott, schrijver van het boek met dezelfde naam als deze sessie, u door de geheimen van Windows 7.  Hij wordt geïnterviewd door Danny Burlage, Chief Technology Officer bij Wortell. Thurrott schrijft over technologie, is een veelgelezen auteur, podcaster en nieuwsredacteur voor het Windows IT Pro Magazine. Thurrott schrijft regelmatig artikelen over bèta-producten en nieuwe releases van Microsoft zoals Windows 7 en Windows Vista, waarover hij dagelijks publiceert op zijn website Winsupersite. Hij is de presentator van Windows Weekly op TWiT.TV, samen met Leo Laporte, een podcast waarvan elke aflevering meer dan 80.000 keer wordt gedownload.

I assume most of you don't speak Dutch. :) I certainly don't. Here's a Babelfish translation with a (very) few manual fixes (though the mistakes are of course interesting):

In this session Paul Thurrott, writer of the book with the same name lead as this session, you by the mysteries of Windows 7. He is interviewed Danny Burlage, Chief Technology officer at Wortell. Thurrott write concerning technology, are much-read author, podcaster and nieuwsredacteur for the Windows IT Pro Magazine. Thurrott write regularly Article concerning beta products and new releases of Microsoft such as Windows 7 and Windows Vista, about which he daily publishes on its Internet site Winsupersite. He is the announcer of Windows Weekly on TWiT.TV, with Leo Laporte, podcast of which each delivery becomes more than 80,000 time download.

Well, you get the idea. :)

It's essentially going to be a back-and-forth interview with Danny, who is the CTO at a big Microsoft partner near Amsterdam. He has a lot of real-world experience with migrating customers to Windows 7, and it should be an interesting conversation. I'm looking forward to it, and of course to spending some more time in The Netherlands. (We vacationed there this past summer, and I'll be staying with's Steven Bink before the event, which will be nice.)

In any event, I'm flying to Amsterdam this evening.

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