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Web Hosting Provider VPS.NET to Offer CloudLinux

VPS.NET, a cloud web-hosting provider, has partnered with CloudLinux to offer CloudLinux as one of its standard Linux OSs on all of its Virtual Private Server (VPS) cloud offerings. VPS.NET selected CloudLinux because of the increased flexibility and control that the CloudLinux OS provides VPS.NET across its cloud computing architecture.

VPS works by allocating a partitioned portion of a physical server, then breaking its infrastructure into "nodes," or blocks of resources (376MB of RAM, 10GB storage, 250GB transfer, and 600Mhz CPU share) that can be pooled together in various ways to create custom virtual machines. CloudLinux OS's Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE), a kernel-level technology that limits the amount of resources (CPU, I/O, memory) available to a group of processes, allows service providers like VPS.NET to have more control over and improve performance and stability of their hosted environments.

VPS.NET is pricing CloudLinux at $7 per month (50 percent off the standard $14/mo pricing. Clients can deploy CloudLinux for free until June 1, 2010. For more information, go to

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