Xceed Brings Zip/Unzip to Microsoft Silverlight

Xceed Brings Zip/Unzip to Microsoft Silverlight

Xceed entered the next phase in its support of Microsoft s development technologies with the release of Xceed Real-Time Zip for Silverlight, bringing zip compression/decompression capability to Microsoft s rich Internet-application platform. A fully functional free trial version of this Silverlight 2 library is now available for download from Xceed s Web site.

 Xceed Real-Time Zip for Silverlight lets developers add zip and unzip archive capabilities to any Silverlight 2 application. Compressing and uncompressing files without resorting to intermediate disk/memory storage or temporary files, the library is a perfect match for Silverlight, as it needs no access to the local file system.

 Xceed Real-Time Zip for Silverlight delivers the flexibility for compression/decompression needs, including zipping user-selected files or data created by the Silverlight application based on user input, then sending the resulting zipped file over the network; or unzipping user-provided or remotely hosted Zip files, whose data the Silverlight application could then consume or send elsewhere over the network, using FTP, HTTP, WCF, etc.

 Xceed Real-Time Zip for Silverlight supports the BZip2, BWT, Deflate, and Deflate64 compression methods. AES encryption and decryption are supported for maximum security and WinZip compatibility. Events and properties let the application monitor and control the zip/unzip operations. The component also works seamlessly with Xceed Upload for Silverlight.

 Written in 100% managed C# code to offer developers creating Silverlight 2 software for Web sites the highest performance possible, this lightweight library comes with full support for VB.NET and C#, and includes sample applications. To increase development momentum, the classes integrate seamlessly with the base class library, and the component offers comprehensive Visual Studio-style documentation.


Xceed Software Inc.

Price: Visit the Xceed Web site.

Web Site: http://xceed.com


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