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Watch Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2017 Sessions On-Demand

Last week Microsoft held their annual Microsoft Edge web Summit 2017 in Seattle, WA.

This one day event covered a wide breadth of topics relating to the Edge browser that is part of Windows 10 and several other technologies associated with the software.

They looked at what's new with the latest version of Edge along with a peek at what is coming up plus the web on Windows.

Over on Channel 9, 16 session videos have been posted for on-demand viewing by streaming or download options to watch the videos offline. They have also posted slide decks for those sessions in which they were available.

Here is a rundown of the 16 videos:

-- Keynote (01:04:16)
-- Web performance in the real world: how to make fast websites (29:22)
-- Building a faster browser: Behind the scenes improvements in Microsoft Edge (26:37)
-- The journey to a more accessible Web Platform (28:09)
-- Service Worker: Going beyond the page (30:10)
-- Building a safer browser: Four guards to keep users safe (26:01)
-- sonar: A new linting tool for the web (15:45)
-- JavaScript that Scales with ChakraCore and TypeScript (35:29)
-- Pay the Web Forward: Making payments simpler on the Modern Web (27:39)
-- CSS Grid: Bringing true two-dimensional layout to the web (29:47)
-- PWA, HWA, Electron, oh my! Making sense of the evolving web app landscape (34:08)
-- What’s new and beyond for the Microsoft Edge DevTools (21:00)
-- Mixed Reality in Microsoft Edge with WebVR (28:55)
-- Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: How we plan at Microsoft Edge (25:17)

You can learn more about Microsoft Edge for developers at the Edge documentation portal.


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