SmartBear TestComplete 9.0 Supports Cross-Browser Testing

SmartBear Software announced the latest release of its automated testing tool, TestComplete 9.0. The new release includes cross-browser testing that simplifies test reuse across Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, and Chrome browsers. Users can now record tests in one browser and run them in other supported browsers.

Additionally, TestComplete now supports HTML5 testing, which lets users leverage out-of-the-box support for Web forms and multimedia applications incorporating the HTML5 standard. Users can now record and script automated tests for HTML5 websites running in several different browser versions.

SmartBear Software's Test Complete 9.0
SmartBear Software's TestComplete 9.0 

"Web testing challenges multiply with the need to frequently test combinations of different browsers, browser versions, and operating systems, particularly with agile and continuous delivery approaches," said Sergei Sokolov, director of product management at SmartBear Software. "With the new TestComplete release, we are delivering vastly simplified cross-browser testing with an intuitive test object model generalizing access to pages, Web objects, including HTML5, and browser-specific menus and dialogs. Whether our customers use bleeding edge HTML, or the latest in widely adopted enterprise-grade RIA technologies such as Flex, Silverlight, or AJAX, TestComplete has them covered."

TestComplete 9.0 is available for a node-locked and floating-user license and is priced at $1,999 and $4,499, respectively. Visit the company's product page for a full list of improvements or to download a free trial.

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