Reusing Browser Technology - VBIEFrm

Description: The VBIEFrm sample illustrates hosting the Web Browser control in a Visual Basic Application.

More Details

The VBIEFrm sample illustrates several capabilities that Internet Explorer 4 and greater expose. These include:
Hosting the Web Browser control in Visual Basic
Enumerating the links in a page. This includes an algorithm for recursively enumerating floating frames and framesets.
Setting up an event sink for HTMLDocument events.
Handling the state of Forward and Back buttons.
The sample is a standard Visual Basic 5.0 project which includes a Visual Basic project file (.vbp), workspace (.vbw), form (.frm), and compiled executable for the project.

Browser/Platform Compatibility

The VBIEFrm sample is supported in Internet Explorer 4 and Internet Explorer 5, on Win32 platforms.

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