Reusing Browser Technology - Simple HTA

Description:This sample demonstrates a simple HTML application (called HTA), a new Internet Explorer 5 feature that enables building full-fledged applications using the MSHTML technology that underlies the Internet Explorer browser.

More Details
HTA are authored using DHTML and script in the same way as web pages. However, HTA run in their own window that they control corner to corner, instead of running within the browser frame with Internet Explorer's menus and toolbars, as HTML pages do. To make a web page into a full-featured application, an author can add a few special HTA declarations to specify application icon, window size, window border, system menu, and so forth.

Browser/Platform Compatibility
This sample requires Internet Explorer 5 on the Win32 platform. If Internet Explorer 5 is not installed, the default "Open With..." dialog will appear.

HTA could be used for web applications, forms applications or web authoring tools.

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