Reusing Browser Technology - Binary Behavior - 15 Nov 2001

Description: This sample illustrates how to attach a binary DHTML behavior to an HTML element, implement a binary DHTML behavior for Internet Explorer 5, access the document object model, and handle events from the document object model.

Browser/Platform Compatibility
This binary behaviors sample is supported on Internet Explorer 5 with the Win32 platform.

To run the sample, click on the "demo" link. Moving the mouse over the main text will show the attached behavior. In this sample, the selected system colors are used to highlight the text. Use the two listboxes to select a different system color to be used as the background or text color. Note: you may need to refresh the demo page to see the behavior in action.
Note: To compile and build the Binary Behavior sample, you will need the Internet Explorer 5.01 Headers and Libraries, as well as the Windows 2000 Headers and Libs from the Platform SDK, and include them in your development environment.

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