Internet Explorer 5 Demos : Fly-In DHTML Behavior

Description: DHTML Behaviors are a new Internet Explorer 5 feature that enable developers to create reusable functionality that can use and extend the object model, and can easily be leveraged by page authors. DHTML Behaviors can be used to modify or extend the behavior of existing HTML tags, or to create tags with new functionality.

More Details
In the demo, notice that the script that implements the "flying" effect is encapsulated in a separate file. Also notice that the "fly" behavior extends the object model, exposing two new methods (tick and startFly) and four new properties (from, fromX, fromY, and delay). To use the fly-in behavior, the page author simply wraps the HTML content to be flown in within tags.

Browser/Platform Compatibility
This DHTML Behaviors sample is supported in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 on the Win32 and UNIX platforms.

Use the proposed new CSS behavior attribute to associate a behavior with a CSS class.

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