Dundas Announces Chart for .NET Silverlight Add-on

Dundas Announces Chart for .NET Silverlight Add-on

Dundas Data Visualization announced the beta release of Dundas Chart for .NET Silverlight Add-on, which lets users integrate Dundas Chart for .NET into Silverlight applications. All of Dundas? interactive ASP.NET features are retained or enhanced, including annotations, scale breaks, real-time charting, drill down, full-hit testing, and more. In addition, more than 20 samples with full source code are included.

To continuously evolve its components, Dundas offers an extensive line of fully commented add-ons to provide users with the company?s latest features and functionality. Available in ASP.NET and Windows Forms editions, Dundas Chart for .NET is available from the Dundas Web site; a full-featured evaluation copy can be downloaded from the site.


Dundas Data Visualization

Web Site: http://www.dundas.com

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