ComponentOne Unveils Toolsets for Studio <st1:City><st1:place>Enterprise</st1:place></st1:City> for WPF and Silverlight

ComponentOne Unveils Toolsets for Studio Enterprise for WPF and Silverlight

ComponentOne announced at Microsoft TechEd 2007 plans to release Studio Enterprise for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Studio Enterprise for Microsoft Silverlight, new .NET Framework component toolsets that fully support the next edition of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

 The Studio Enterprise for WPF suite of .NET Framework components will initially include Grid, Carousel, Charting, Scheduling, and Input components to develop UIs for Windows applications. The Studio Enterprise for Microsoft Silverlight toolset will enable developers to develop highly interactive, next-generation applications for the Web. Together, these toolsets will redefine the rules for .NET Framework-based development, empowering developers to deliver compelling, interactive, and high-fidelity UIs for Windows and Web-based applications.

 The Studio Enterprise for WPF Toolset is a suite of next-generation components developed specifically for the Windows Presentation Foundation platform. The Studio Enterprise WPF Toolset Beta began by unveiling a suite of scheduling components for WPF, including Schedule, Month Calendar, and Multi-month Calendar components. The availability of additional ComponentOne components for WPF will follow and will include Grid, Carousel, Charting, and Input components. For full details on the Studio Enterprise for WPF Beta program, including more information on product availability, please visit:

 Studio Enterprise for Microsoft Silverlight is a component toolset that allows visual developers to deliver interactive applications for the Web. This toolset includes a full suite of components to develop user interfaces incorporating such types of media as video, animation, and vector-based graphics. Studio Enterprise for Microsoft Silverlight details will be announced in the coming months, and the full release will be made available upon the release of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.



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