ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight Announced

ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight Announced

Coinciding with Microsoft s release of Silverlight 2, ComponentOne announced that developers and designers alike can create Web-based solutions with ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight.

 ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight is a set of enterprise-quality components with more than 30 innovative Silverlight controls, including grids, charts, gauges, maps, menus, treeviews, richtextboxes, layout panels, uploaders, and more. ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight is designed to improve Web development with animation, vector graphics, custom layouts, and enhanced performance.

 ComponentOne Studio Enterprise includes Studio for Silverlight, along with Studio for WinForms, Studio for WPF, Studio for ASP.NET, Studio for Mobile, and Studio for ActiveX, and may be purchased for US$1,100. ComponentOne offers online purchase options at



Price: ComponentOne is offering a Studio for Silverlight subscription at an introductory price of US$600.00 through November 14, 2008. The standard retail price is US$800.00.

Web Site:


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