Project Spartan Web Summit announced by Microsoft

Project Spartan Web Summit announced by Microsoft

Beginning tomorrow, 14 April 2015, you will be able to register for a free two day event Microsoft is hosting in Mountain View, CA on 5/6 May 2015.

The Project Spartan Web Summit will be an opportunity to meet the developers, engineers and web evangelists behind Project Spartan and also see the latest about what is new in Windows 10.  There will also be an opportunity to test drive your own website on Spartan and learn from team engineers how to debug and address any compatibility issues.

What you can expect to learn in these two days include:

- What’s new from the Project Spartan team: EdgeHTML, Chakra, and Modern.IE

- How to build blazing-fast sites and apps using JavaScript without breaking the web

- New easy tools to build and submit cross-platform apps for multiple stores

- How to create rich multimedia experiences with WebGL and Web Audio

There is a list of the current sessions available to peruse and the complete schedule is expected in the near future. As I mentioned earlier registration begins tomorrow - 14 April 2015 and does not cost you anything except for getting yourself to the event.

You might have noticed that those dates overlap with Microsoft Ignite in Chicago however, the sessions will be live streamed and archived in Channel 9 for later viewing. By the way, the Channel 9 app was my Windows Apps weekly pick for this week over on the SuperSite for Windows.

That just might come in handy.

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