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New Products (DevConnections January 2010)

Product news for .NET developers

dynaTrace Launches Free AJAX Performance Diagnostic Tool
dynaTrace software, a vendor of application performance management products, announced the availability of dynaTrace AJAX Edition, a free tool to diagnose and resolve complex AJAX performance problems. The tool is geared specifically toward helping developers identify client-side application performance issues.

dynaTrace AJAX Edition is intended to help developers who use frameworks such as jQuery, Google Web Toolkit, Dojo, and YUI for accelerating AJAX implementations to pinpoint performance and scalability issues that often accompany such applications. To address these challenges, dynaTrace AJAX Edition provides deep visibility into how AJAX-based applications work under load, provides code-level insight into third-party frameworks, and enables application developers to optimize the performance and scalability of their AJAX-based applications.

dynaTrace AJAX Edition enables application developers and testers to

  • Understand performance as real users experience it (including rendering times).
  • Differentiate between browser and server bottlenecks.
  • Trace asynchronous JavaScript executions for the full round trip.
  • Analyze JavaScript, AJAX remoting, network, and rendering performance in real time.
  • Save performance data for interactive offline analysis.
  • Transform Selenium/Watir tests into performance tests and integrate them with your CI environment.

You can learn more about dynaTrace AJAX Edition, view a demo of the tool, and download a fully functional version of the product for free at

ComponentArt Offers Visualization Tools for Silverlight in Latest Version of UI Framework 2009
ComponentArt announced availability of ComponentArt UI Framework 2009.3, the latest version of the company's framework for building .NET and Silverlight rich Internet applications, which features next-generation charting and visualization controls for Silverlight.

Among the highlights of the ComponentArt Visualization for Silverlight tools are

  • rendering features, which include ComponentArt's 3D pixel shading technology integrated with the power of XAML.
  • interactivity features, which include animated drill-downs, data point selection, templated pop-ups, and interactive zooming and scrolling.
  • performance features: ComponentArt's new visualization tools support any number of series and a virtually unlimited number of data points, so that the tools can easily handle complex and large data sets.
  • many built-in, ready-to-use skins and themes.

ComponentArt UI Framework 2009.3 is priced at $1,299 per developer for an annual subscription. Web.UI for Silverlight and Web.UI for ASP.NET AJAX are also available separately at $999 each per developer for an annual subscription. To view live demos of ComponentArt UI Framework 2009.3 or purchase the product (a free 30-day trial license is available), go to

Altova Delivers MissionKit 2010
Altova, a provider of XML and database development tools, has released Altova MissionKit 2010, the latest version of its suite of XML, database, and UML tools. According to the vendor, the 2010 release includes over 70 of the most-requested features from Altova customers. Among the many improvements are support for new technologies such as WSDL 2.0, JSON, and SysML; enhanced functionality for working with XBRL, and compatibility with Windows 7.

Included in the MissionKit suite are 2010 versions of XMLSpy, MapForce, StyleVision, Authentic, UModel, DatabaseSpy, and DiffDog. Among the numerous enhancements to these tools are

  • support for WSDL 2.0 (in addition to WSDL 1.1) in the graphical WSDL editor
  • conversion between WSDL 1.1 and WSDL 2.0
  • JSON editing in Text and Grid View
  • processing data from/into multiple files
  • using input/output filenames as parameters
  • new visual database schema comparison functionality
  • support for converting database structures between different databases
  • XML schema diff feature for comparing and merging database schemas

Altova MissionKit 2010 is a free update for Altova customers who have an active Support and Maintenance Package (go to to update to the 2010 version). You can also download a 30-day free trial of Altova MissionKit Version 2010 at or buy the product at

MAG Softwrx Releases New Project-Tracking App
MAG Softwrx, a developer of time-tracking application software, has released Timeless Project Tracking, a new project tracking application that enables organizations to track projects at a detailed level. Timeless Project Tracking allows users to change estimates and status on the fly, so that project managers can receive up-to-date information and make more informed decisions. Team members update their assignments, estimates, and status directly in the software, which can reduce or eliminate the need for status meetings. Entered information is immediately available to project managers and team leaders.

Timeless Project Tracking includes an easy-to-use status pane providing a dashboard with more than 90 charts, including burndown charts with projections. Through the status pane, users can easily see projects' risks, such as late and overdue assignments, estimate changes, and items over budget. With access to such information, project managers and team leaders can take corrective measures in a timely way. Additionally, Timeless Project Tracking includes all the features of MAG Softwrx's time tracking program-Timeless Time & Expense 3.0.

Timeless Project Tracking is available at for $119 per license, with volume discounts available. You can download a fully functional 30-day trial version of Timeless Project Tracking at

MaximumASP Offers Free Beta Hosting Accounts for ASP.NET 4 and VS 2010
MaximumASP, a hosting and managed IT services firm, announced it is offering free ASP.NET 4.0 and Visual Studio (VS) 2010 hosted beta accounts based on the new MaxESP platform. MaxESP is MaximumASP's ASP.NET shared web hosting platform that's designed to be highly available and PCI compliant. The beta hosting account is intended to allow developers to test their ASP.NET 4.0 applications in a hosting environment as well as try out the new publishing features with VS 2010 and the Microsoft Web Deployment Tool.

Beta accounts are hosted on Windows Server 2008 R2/IIS 7.5 and .NET Framework 4 Beta 2 and come with 1GB disk space, a 50MB SQL Server 2008 database, Microsoft deploy access, and FTP over SSL access. Beta users can create a website and test it out in a scalable environment by using an included Dynamic Capacity Upgrade (DCU)—a feature of MaxESP that uses MaximumASP's application-aware load balancing to add an instance of your website on demand during high-traffic periods. For more information and to sign up for a beta account, go to

Ribbit Announces .NET SDK and Silverlight Controls
Ribbit, developer of the Ribbit open communications platform, announced the availability of Ribbit's .NET Software Development Kit (SDK) and ready-to-use Microsoft Silverlight controls for communications-enabling web pages and applications. The SDK and controls, developed jointly with Microsoft, give Silverlight and .NET developers access to Ribbit's cloud-based platform for programmable telephony.

Using the Ribbit platform, Silverlight and .NET developers can integrate voice, messaging, and rich communications functionality directly into web pages, applications, social networks, online campaigns, or web-to-mobile interactions—without any knowledge of telephony or expensive capital outlays. The new Silverlight controls provide a ready-to-use interface for quickly and easily building voice- and messaging-enabled applications. Through Ribbit, the Silverlight controls and .NET SDK expose functionality including calling, conferencing, support for sending SMS messages, call management, and the ability to review messages and call activity.

Developers can learn more about the SDK and Silverlight controls at To download the Silverlight controls and .NET SDK, go to

Leapfrog Technologies Launches Solution to Eliminate File-Streaming Costs
Leapfrog Technologies, a developer of peer-to-peer unified communication software, has launched Moves-Systems, a service that lets business owners and website builders create sites that give users access to streaming video and audio content, without requiring the site owner to pay for bandwidth or storage. Moves-Systems eliminates the expenses and maintenance associated with starting a video- or audio-rich website by keeping streaming audio and video files that users access from the site on the PCs of individual members. Site visitors view streaming content directly from members' PCs rather than from the site itself.

According to the vendor, Moves-Systems is intended for groups such as publications and trade associations that encourage members and subscribers to publish their videos, audios, and articles. Since all of these streaming files reside on members' PCs, there is no need to buy or lease a high-end server, or to purchase large amounts of bandwidth. The system is also designed for use by brokers who sell high-end merchandise such as automobiles, motorcycles, boats, or other items that are best presented in a video file.

A Moves-Systems account costs $10 per month and includes the HTML and JavaScript on your website. For more information, visit

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