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New Products (DevConnections December 2009)

Product news for .NET developers

Intersoft Solutions Releases WebUI Studio 2009

WebUI Studio

Intersoft Solutions announced the official release of WebUI Studio 2009, a presentation layer toolkit for Microsoft ASP.NET and Microsoft Silverlight application development. This release delivers nine new products and includes many new features designed to address demanding web application requirements, accelerate the development cycle, and improve productivity for developers and end users. 

Two notable features in the product are ClientBinding and SmartBatchUpdate. According to Intersoft, ClientBinding slashes the client footprint by over 90 percent and allows data easy access to web services with just one line of markup. ClientBinding supports a variety of data providers, including Web Services, WCF Services, Microsoft ADO.NET Data Services, and cloud computing services such as Windows Azure and also fully supports all existing WebGrid features. 

SmartBatchUpdate facilitates data editing by eliminating the many client–server update round trips required for each edit. It intelligently manages editing information on the client side and later submits it to the server in a single AJAX request, thereby maximizing client resources while enhancing the editing experience through increased performance. 

The WebUI Studio 2009 release also includes Presenter, a suite of data visualization components for Silverlight that provides design-time support for Microsoft Expression Blend 2 and Visual Studio 2008, and WebTextEditor, a business-oriented text editor to help developers build content management systems. 

Three editions of WebUI Studio 2009 are available: Premier edition (starts at $1,599); ASP.NET edition (starts at $1,299); and Silverlight edition (starts at $799). For more information, go to

ComponentOne Launches OLAP for WinForms


ComponentOne announced the release of ComponentOne OLAP for WinForms, a suite of five Microsoft .NET Framework–based controls that provide analytical processing features similar to those found in Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts. This new data analysis tool provides an OLAP engine that summarizes raw data according to user-selected criteria. 

The suite provides a drag-and-drop UI for defining custom views. Users may perform ad hoc analysis by selecting data fields they want to analyze, and the ComponentOne OLAP controls summarize the data. 

"Users can integrate ComponentOne OLAP for WinForms into their \\[UI\\], making it compact and offering great customization," said Gustavo Eydelsteyn, managing director at ComponentOne. "Being able to transform raw data into visible patterns and trends without writing a single line of code offers significant time savings and eliminates human error often associated with this task." 

Writing a custom application to summarize data without OLAP for WinForms requires extensive maintenance time to add new views, and only the originally implemented views are available to users. OLAP for WinForms delivers a multitude of dynamic views without the need to write any code. OLAP for WinForms provides summary views in the grid and chart and also creates printable reports based on those views. By extending the PrintDocument class, it provides properties for specifying content and formatting for showing OLAP grids, charts, and the raw data used to create the report. Users can change the page orientation and print or export the report to PDF. For more information, to download a full-feature trial version, or to purchase the product, go to

Pitney Bowes Business Insight Releases MapInfo MapXtreme 7.0

Pitney Bowes Business Insight

Pitney Bowes Business Insight, a provider of location and communication intelligence software, data, and services, announced the release of MapInfo MapXtreme 7.0, an SDK that supports the development of map-centric and map-enabled applications for the desktop and the web. 

Designed for use by Microsoft .NET developers, MapInfo MapXtreme v7.0 provides a .NET mapping engine that's scalable and easy to integrate with existing systems and applications. MapInfo MapXtreme v7.0 supports industry-standard data access systems and protocols, such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server and also supports Open Geospatial Consortium WMS, WFS and GML capabilities. 

Applications developed in MapInfo MapXtreme 7.0 allow organizations to visualize and analyze data, enabling them to discover new relationships and trends not apparent when viewing data on spreadsheets and reports. Among the key new features are these:

  • an enhanced data provider model, enabling developers to access virtually any data source and provide flexible spatial processing capabilities
  • advanced analytics and spatial capabilities through grid processing support
  • support for "M" (measurement) values to assist developers to deliver Linear Referencing Systems and similar capabilities
  • enhanced support of spatial databases with full read/write support for Microsoft SQL Server Spatial
  • improved support of international deployments through the MapInfo MapXtreme Localization Kit 

For more information, visit

Red Gate Acquires \\{smartassembly\\}

Red Gate Software

Red Gate Software, a provider of .NET, SQL Server, and Microsoft Exchange development and administration tools, announced today that it has acquired \\{smartassembly\\}, a .NET development tool for software optimization and protection. The tool will continue to be available on the \\{smartassembly\\} website,

\\{smartassembly\\} provides a comprehensive feature set that enables developers to optimize .NET assemblies for better deployment, protect intellectual property, minimize distribution size, increase performance, and add error-tracking and debugging capabilities to applications. 

"\\{smartassembly\\} has a well-deserved reputation for doing exactly what it promises to do right out of the box," said Charles Brown, manager of Red Gate's .NET Tools Division. "It fits Red Gate's 'ingeniously simple tools' ethos perfectly. We are proud to serve the .NET community by continuing the development of this valuable tool." For more information, visit

JetBrains Offers Beta Version of New Bug and Issue Tracker


JetBrains, a creator of intelligent, productivity-enhancing development tools, announced the release of YouTrack 1.0 Beta, the company's new bug and issue tracking system. Inspired to reduce the amount of time developers spend on issue tracking, JetBrains designed a web-based, keyboard-centric issue tracker to help its own developers as well as other development teams process bugs and requests faster and more easily. 

"As developers and users of our own products, we'd grown unhappy with how long it took to report and process bugs with existing issue-tracking systems," said Vadim Gurov, YouTrack team lead. "We set out to change that and ended up with a fast, intuitive tool that's friendly to both developers and casual bug reporters." 

YouTrack offers these key features:

  • bug reporting with a single shortcut from anywhere within the product
  • query-based search with auto-completion and highlighting
  • intuitive commands to quickly execute batch operations on selected issues
  • natural-language–like query and command syntax
  • extensive keyboard support for creating, editing, and navigating between issues easily
  • AJAX-based UI for fast issue handling 

The public release of YouTrack 1.0 is scheduled for late 2009. You can find out more about YouTrack 1.0 Beta and download it at

Stimulsoft Announces New Version of Reporting Tools for .NET, Web, and WPF


Stimulsoft, a provider of business intelligence and reporting tools, announced the release of version 2009.2 of its reporting products, Stimulsoft Reports.Net, Stimulsoft Reports.Web, Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Web, and Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf. The line of tools can be used for rendering reports on different platforms—for example, Stimulsoft Reports.Net generates reports from various data sources and can be used in Windows Forms and in ASP.NET, Stimulsoft Reports.Web creates web-based reports, Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf creates applications based on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Web is a report designer for web-based reports. 

Among the new features in Stimulsoft Reports.Net are these:

  • new exporting functions: export to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • addition of a new Royal Mail 4-State barcode capability
  • a new StyleDesigner.exe tool
  • new Report Dictionary functions, such as a Data from Cross-Tab type of data source and new total functions (SumTime, AvgTime, MinTime, and MaxTime)
  • ability to save reports in encrypted format
  • numerous bugs fixed from the previous version 

For more information about additional new features in the latest version of Stimulsoft's reporting products, go to

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