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Microsoft Makes Internet Explorer 11 Virtual Machines Available on modern.IE

Microsoft Makes Internet Explorer 11 Virtual Machines Available on modern.IE

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With Microsoft's recent release of Internet Explorer (IE) 11 for Windows 7 users, the company is now adding IE 11 for Windows 7 and IE for Windows 8.1 to a suite of virtual machines (VMs) that are now available on modern.IE for testing IE across several different platforms and versions.

Microsoft has also updated its VMs based on community feedback. The changes made to the updated VMs include the following:

  • Windows update is now set to off by default to avoid the issue of having VMs with older versions of IE updating.
  • Images are now resealed to have the longest expiration of the evaluation period that's allowed.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions are now featured inside Windows on the desktop background.
  • A new VM build version system is set to have the home page visit modern.IE to check for VM updates.

For more information, see Microsoft's blog post for details on VM availability for different platforms and virtualization technologies. VMs are only one of the free tools that's offered on the modern.IE website. Additional tools include a site scanner, compatibility inspector, BrowserStack screenshots, and more tools that help make modern website development and testing much easier for devs.

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