Melissa Data Introduces SOAP Interface for Data Quality Web Service

Melissa Data Introduces SOAP Interface for Data Quality Web Service

Melissa Data introduced a SOAP interface for its Data Quality Web Service (DQWS). DQWS is used to validate and correct postal addresses, update phone area codes, parse names, append geodata, and spot fraudulent entries such as vulgar words. One popular use of the Web service is to catch data input errors that are common in e-commerce or Web site applications. The DQWS gives business users confidence in the long-term integrity of the data they capture by ensuring that new entries are valid and complete.

 All the software and source data needed to generate validation is located and maintained on Melissa Data s secure, load-balanced Web servers. For the subscriber, there is nothing to install, update, or maintain.

 After calling the Web service, addresses are instantly verified to meet US Postal Service requirements for accuracy. Once an address is verified, corrected, and standardized, a ZIP + 4 code is appended to the record. DQWS then links the address to a time zone, congressional district, or county. DQWS also returns latitude and longitude coordinates, which can be used to calculate distances to a dealer, store, or service location.

 The benefits of data cleansing can be measured in accurate mailing and shipping deliveries, successful target marketing, effective CRM campaigns, and reliable storage of data. A 30-day trial of DQWS is available.


Melissa Data Corp.

Price: US$2,995

Web Site:


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