Manage Your Web Content

Manage Your Web Content

telerik has released r.a.d.editor version 2.3, an editing tool that lets you publish and manage rich Web content as easily as writing a document. You can integrate r.a.d.editor into a variety of applications, including Web sites, intranets, newsletters, and e-mail systems. The latest release improves the tool's user-friendliness, and it includes a redesigned color selector that closely resembles the selectors found in popular word processors. Other new features are its WYSIWYG dropdowns for font, paragraph style, and CSS; a tree-view links selector; and the ability to show and hide table borders. You even can apply styles to objects such as tables, links, and images to simplify your formatting efforts and ensure design consistency.



Price: Starts at US$125

Contact: mailto:[email protected]

Web Site:


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