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Internet Explorer 5 Demos : Positioning with Dynamic Expressions

Description Dynamic Expressions is a new Internet Explorer 5 feature that enables you to set any style attribute to be the result of an expression, instead of a static number or value. This expression is dynamically updated by Internet Explorer.

More Details
In the demo, notice that the boxes stay at their designated location, regardless of how you resize the window. In earlier versions of Internet Explorer, you would have needed to handle the onresize event and update each position in script. With Dynamic Expressions, you can declare the function that defines the position, and rely on Internet Explorer to update as necessary.

Browser/Platform Compatibility
This new feature of Dynamic HTML is supported in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 on Win32 and Unix platforms.

Usage You can either use Dynamic Expressions to set a style in a style rule via "expression", or you can set it dynamically in script with the new setExpression method. This sample uses the expression technique. See documentation for further details.

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