FarPoint Technologies Releases Spread for Web Forms 2.5

FarPoint Technologies Releases Spread for Web Forms 2.5

FarPoint Technologies announced the availability of Spread for Web Forms 2.5, its upgraded ASP.NET spreadsheet product. Spread for Web Forms version 2.5 adds native support for VS 2005 and AJAX, including real-time updating of formula results, searching and filtering of data, freezing any number of rows and columns from scrolling in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5+, client-side scripting for Mozilla Firefox, enhanced printing features, more built-in calculation functions, and a range of other new features to further customize the user interface and user interaction.

 Spread for Web Forms 2.5 also adds support for the database management functions in its calculation engine, as well as expanding the number of arguments to 255 for functions that contain a variable number of arguments. This version now provides more than 300 built-in functions, more than a dozen customizable cell types, and the ability to create your own custom cell types and functions.

 Spread for Web Forms 2.5 allows developers to present, edit, and update their ASP.NET data. It is part of the overall .NET support available at FarPoint, which also includes a Spread for Windows Forms product. Both products are available separately or together as a package for multiple-platform customers creating enterprise applications. Enhanced support and subscriptions for updates give serious customers the comprehensive support they need. Visit the FarPoint Web site for complete details or to download a trial version.


FarPoint Technologies, Inc.

Price: US$899; upgrades from previous versions begin at US$199.

Web Site: http://www.fpoint.com


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