DocuWare Web Client Released

DocuWare Web Client Released

DocuWare, an integrated document management (IDM) solution provider, announced a Web-based document management product: DocuWare Web Client. Functionality and performance that had only been possible for users working with Windows Clients is now available to users at any location. User-friendly Web 2.0 technology is the foundation of the new DocuWare Web Client, which allows users to quickly access a central document pool without the need to install additional software or plug-ins on their local PC.

 Whether it s scanned documents, e-mail, PDFs, Microsoft Office files, or even CAD drawings, DocuWare Web Client provides quick access through a Web browser to any kind of archived document, from anywhere in the world. If product information, a price list, technical documentation, or a contract is needed, all this data can be searched, displayed, downloaded, stored, and edited via the Internet. Web Client even makes it easy to check the status of an order or shipment from anywhere, at any time.

 Even automatic workflow processes go uninterrupted with the help of the Internet. Task lists are centrally configured for a workflow and assigned to specific users. Employees working remotely are then seamlessly integrated into any process. Invoices can be checked from anywhere in the world and even authorized with an electronic stamp.

 Web Client is now available as a standard part of a the DocuWare system. It provides an easy way for all users, from a small business to international enterprises, to benefit from Web-based document management, without additional maintenance costs or fees.

 Because there is no need to install a client program on a local PC, maintenance costs do not apply. DocuWare Web Client is easily set up on a server with the help of wizards; there s no need for any special technical know-how. Configurations can also be customized, for example, to reflect a desired look and feel, required features, and access rights to specific file cabinets and dialogs.

 Access to a configuration is possible with a straight login or via single sign-on (where the Windows authentication is automatically transferred to the Web client). Upon login, a user can immediately use the intuitively structured store and search features. Select lists, familiar search parameters, and full-text search are available to support the user. All file formats can be displayed and printed without having to install a special browser plug-in. The highest security requirements are met, as DocuWare Web Client uses all the security mechanisms of the DocuWare system.

 DocuWare Web Client is completely based on Microsoft ASP.NET and AJAX. This promotes high-speed access to the central document pool and seamless integration in Windows and Web applications. The same is true for Microsoft SharePoint Server: with the help of DocuWare WebParts, document management features can be integrated in other SharePoint applications.

 DocuWare is an integrated document management solution that can automate business processes by managing any type of document, regardless of format or source, in a central document pool; for example, paper records, letters, faxes, drawings, and PC and other electronic files, including e-mail. DocuWare supports all forms of electronic signatures. Integrated records management ensures that all access is secure, controlled, and logged.

 Using the Internet, the central document pool is available around the clock to any authorized user, no matter where they are located. A wide range of customizable DocuWare add-on modules equip DocuWare for, among other things, automatic indexing, COLD applications, and enhanced workflow features. Other software applications can be integrated with a set of standard tools. Numerous interfaces exist for ERP systems (including a certified SAP interface) and Groupware (like Exchange or Lotus Notes/Domino). DocuWare also incorporates all components needed for Enterprise Content Management. DocuWare solutions are available in 13 languages.


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