Create Web Galleries, Thumbnails, and Slideshows

Create Web Galleries, Thumbnails, and Slideshows

ReaGallery Pro 2.4 from is a software application for creating Web galleries, thumbnails, and slideshows. ReaGallery Pro uses a simple wizard-like interface and does not require any knowledge of HTML. In addition to placing work online with a built-in FTP client, ReaGallery Pro can place images, galleries, and slideshows onto a CD to be presented as a gift or promotional material to friends or business partners. ReaGallery Pro also provides templates and transition effects.

  All images can be resized, edited, and converted to one of the three most popular Web image formats (JPEG, GIF, or PNG). ReaGallery Pro also includes an option to compress and send a gallery/slideshow via e-mail and a feature that searches for the absent images before posting a Web gallery online. Users who are proficient with HTML can edit and modify the HTML code generated by the program manually.

  ReaGallery Pro is easy to install, set up, and use. It require Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/2003; Pentium 90MHz; 16MB RAM; high-color screen; and 5MB of free disk space. A free demo is available.

Price: Personal license, US$49.95; business license (on CD-ROM), US$199; site license (on CD-ROM), US$500.

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