ComponentArt Releases Web.UI 3.0

ComponentArt Releases Web.UI 3.0

ComponentArt released version 3.0 of its Web.UI suite of user interface controls for ASP.NET, bringing the total number of bundled components to 11. The Web.UI suite includes ComponentArt s popular Menu and TreeView controls, with version 3.0 adding three new components: a next-generation Data Grid, a Calendar/DatePicker component, and CallBack a universal AJAX wrapper for any ASP.NET control.

 ComponentArt Grid for ASP.NET combines ComponentArt s patent-pending rendering technology with the power of AJAX, introducing the ability to operate in client, server, and callback running modes. Grid features multi-mode operation, support for HTTP callbacks, and client-side templates. Other features include: paging, sorting, grouping, filtering, searching, column resizing and reordering, hierarchical display of multiple tables, server-side templates, selection of multiple records, record editing, conditional formatting, context menus, and keyboard control.

 ComponentArt Calendar for ASP.NET is an integrated Calendar and Date Picker control. Also built to take advantage of ComponentArt s client-side rendering technology, Calendar for ASP.NET does not require postbacks for month paging or date selections. Features include: implementation of stand-alone calendars, date pickers, pop-up calendars, and date range pickers, as well as multi-month display, multi-date selection, custom days collection, keyboard control, and more.

 ComponentArt CallBack for ASP.NET not only adds AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) functionality to the other components in the Web.UI suite, but also AJAX-enables virtually any ASP.NET control. CallBack delivers the capability to render any ASP.NET control through an AJAX-style callback request, eliminating the need for page reloads.

 Like all ComponentArt controls, Grid, Calendar, and CallBack offer up-level cross-browser support for IE, FireFox, Mozilla, Netscape, and Opera. Web.UI 3.0 is fully ready for the .NET 2.0 Framework and Visual Studio 2005. A special 2.0 version (taking advantage of unique features of the new platform) will ship in January 2006.

 Web.UI is available as a free trial download. Visit the ComponentArt Web site for complete details.



Price: Developer license, US$799; Subscription license, US$999; Enterprise license, contact ComponentArt.

Web Site:


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